Eren Balata 20. Yıl
Eren Balata Eren Balata


In addition to the production of drum brake linings, disc brake pads and industrial friction materials, Eren Brake has produced linings for the motorcycle assembly industry for many years. Other than the automotive industry, the company concentrates on production of drum brake linings and disc brake pads for heavy construction equipments and composite output for trains and subways.

The development of an authentic technology allowed Eren Brake to meet any demand from the automotive industry with maximum elasticity. Improved goods are being tested both in laboratories and on vehicles.Industrial friction materials are formulated and supplied depending on demanded characteristics and specific data that has been provided.

Top quality raw materials are purchased during the production process. Small samples taken from these mentioned raw materials are used to create micro production models in the laboratory. Depending on the results acquired from these tests, positively tested materials find their way into the production process.

Eren Brake's concentration on Research &Development is not limited to a corporate scale. The recent development of high efficiency and environment-friendly ceramic  and full organic materials are significant example for the fact that the specialist staff is familiar with technological novelties and that new technologies are being developed according to the them.

Eren Brake features a significant production capacity of 12000 pieces drum brake linings  and 2500 disc brake pads daily.Eren Brake produces  6000 tons of friction material annually.